Monday, March 24, 2008

Urban Revival's First Book Review

Book Review: Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence by Keli Goff

As seen with the current Presidential campaign of Barack Obama there is a generational difference among African Americans when it comes to politics. As Party Crashing points out, today’s younger black voter has different values and beliefs then their older generation. Race is no longer the only issue for younger black voters, while it is still a major issue there are other factors which younger black voters feel are just as important such as the economy, the war in Iraq and the environment.

The book points out repeatedly that the same issues and struggles of say Harry Belafonte in 1960 would be the same as any other black person who may have been a maid or a bus driver. No matter one stature back then, everyone faced the same amount of discrimination. Today, someone like Lebron James would not have the same issues and struggles in common with a bus driver. The black experience today is more varied than ever and everyone today does not share the same experience.

The book also points out the rise of the young black independent voter and how the Democratic Party is beginning to lose control of this demographic that for decades had been part of their base. While no one foresees large numbers of black voters heading back to the Republican Party where the black vote started before the Civil Rights Era, many young black voters feel that they have been taken advantage of by the Democratic Party and the book cites several examples of this.

Another interesting facet that the books points out is the declining influence of older Civil Rights Era stalwarts have on younger black voters. As pointed out in the book many Civil Rights leaders are having a tough time connecting with younger voters and many outright resent the new crop of younger black politicians who did not go through their experience. As time moves on it will be interesting to see who will become the new political face for Black America…will it be Barack Obama, the great uniter? For some older members of the black community who feel uniters will assimilate black struggle, that is a scary thought.


For those interested in the future of young black voters or the future of a large segment of voters who will most likely shape urban policy, agendas and laws I encourage them to read this insightful book by Keli Goff.

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