Sunday, March 30, 2008

Richard Florida's take on Philly's Economic Future

Older readers of this blog may remember an earlier post made about the University of Toronto's professor, Richard Florida and his theory on the "Creative Class."

Well Professor Florida is once again making waves by declaring that today, a city's vibrancy is becoming the top factor for people making the critical decision of where they want to live. On a March 30th Philadelphia Inquierer article, Richard Florida describes why he believes Philly's economic future is bright.

Here is a excerpt of the article:

"Our moves are crucial to our lives, affecting everything from our job opportunities and career options to our investments, the friends we make, the people we date, the mates we choose, and the way we raise our families. Our choice of place to live is the most important decision we ever make - largely because it influences and shapes all the others...

...The quality of place matters a lot more than you might think. People expect their communities to provide basic services and public safety, and most places do. So while very important, they're not a huge competitive advantage. But we found that the higher people rate the beauty of their community, the higher the level of community satisfaction. Philadelphia's green spaces, parks and trails, historic buildings, and access to the outdoors are attractive to people of all income groups, races and ethnicities, and education levels."

To read the rest of the article, click here.

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