Sunday, March 16, 2008

Proposed Philly Skyscraper would be taller than the Empire State Building

Image of the proposed skyscraper

The Philadelphia Business Journal is reporting that a developer is proposing a 1,500 foot skyscraper on 18th and Arch Street. The new Comcast Center, which currently the city's largest skyscraper stands at 1,000 feet. Philadelphia is definitely booming with skyscrapers with several office and condo towers being built within the last fiver years and even more being proposed. The Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported that the owners of the parcels along the south side of Market East may soon be proposing more high rise offices and condos.

Let's hope that these new skyscrapers do not continue the Curse of William Penn on the city's sports teams.
Here is an excerpt of the article:
"The structure is being called the American Commerce Center. It would have 1.3 million square feet of office space, a 300-room, high-end hotel and 315,000 square feet of retail space above and below street level. An underground garage would have 383 parking spaces...
...So far, Walnut Street has lined up tenants for the retail portion, Miller said. While he declined to give specifics, Miller said a high-end home store, restaurants ranging from moderate to high end, a gourmet food store, a health club as well as a movie theater have committed. The theater, based on a new concept emerging from Australia, would have eight screens that can seat 18 to 40 people each and offer light fare, spirits and first-run movies. The hotel flag is in negotiations and would be a full-service, five-star facility."

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