Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Towson Urban Core

York Road, in Downtown Towson

In a recent article called Street Sense, the Baltimore Sun wrote about the shops located in the Towson core to show that their are a variety of shops outside of the Mall.

For those not familiar with Towson, the large un-incorporated community is a suburb of Baltimore City sandwiched in between the city line and the Baltimore Beltway. While Towson only has 55,000 residents it is the seat of government for Baltimore County, boasts two major universities (including Towson University) and is the 2nd largest employment base outside of downtown Baltimore.

While Towson has a lot going for it, many of it's shops in the older and Historic urban core have been in decline since the local mall, Towson Town Center kept expanding to become a regional mall as it is today. While there have been several shops that have closed for business in Towson within the last several years, all is not lost for the community. A recent slew of development projects are slated for Towson which will dramatically increase the number of residents, commercial space and office space inside the core. The building boom in Towson could transform Towson the way that the building boom in the late 1960's into the 1970's took Towson from being a large town to a regional Urban Center.

For more about the shop in the Towson core, click here.

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