Monday, March 24, 2008

An Inner-City Staple…The Corner Liquor Store

In many cities across the nation, numerous council members, mayors and community activists have tried to place a ban on corner liquor stores or sandwich shops that sell beer. In some cities it is illegal to sell certain kind of liquors and certain alcoholic quantities of liquor because they are known to be popular with alcoholics and vagrants. Through out all their controversy and the litany of reasons of why they should be banned, such as they are havens for robberies, loitering, other illegal activity, gambling, being loud and other nuisance laws…the corner liquor store still remains.

As planners, how would we regulate out or zone out a land use which is a fundamental right for a business owner to legally operate that land use provided they follow the code? Should planners even be involved in land use matters that are an issue one in neighborhood but not for another (such as a more upscale neighborhood that sold wine)?

What are your thoughts?

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