Thursday, January 24, 2008

For the Baltimoreans

The State Center Redevelopment Project

The Project Vision Statement from the State Center's website cites:

"The State Center redevelopment offers the rare chance to build on the tremendous economic power of the State's office presence in Baltimore and knit together existing transit, cultural, institutional, university and neighborhood assets.
The ultimate vision for the State Center is a diverse, inclusive, mixed-use income community that promotes public transportation, maximizes the use and interest in public open spaces and provides for an active, walkable street environment..."

The website cites that the ultimate goal is to connect and integrate the State's office complex with the surrounding neighborhoods and in the process become on of the City's most attractive arts, entertainment, retail and residential districts.

The State Center will be a huge project for revamping downtown Baltimore's northwest edge as well as providing a boost to the culture rich neighborhoods of Mt. Vernon and Bolton Hill and to the MLK transit corridor. But what will this redevelopment project mean for the adjacent McCulloh Homes community? Will the pressure of redevelopment ultimately threaten their community to be redeveloped as market-priced Housing?

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment, especially for those who were able to attend the January 23rd public meeting.

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Vanessa F. said...

I attended a charette for this project back in January 2005. Looks like its finally moving along.

Are you attending?

Anonymous said...

Change the names of the suburbs and this could be Perth. All these statements are the same everywhere. In Perth, we would expect either nothing to happen, or a disaster. What about Baltimore?

Toure Zeigler said...

Hey Panalady, unfortunately I missed last night's community meeting on this project but the next round of meetings, I definately want to attend. Especially being a former co-worker of an office in the state building.

Worstofperth, In my opinion major development in Baltimore happens all at once...or doesnt happen at all. The area has a problem of phasing projects in and because of that we get huge plans they take forever to build out because all of the pieces have to be in place. FOr example, the State Center project has been talked about for 10 years now.