Monday, January 28, 2008

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition

Shanghai, China one of the fastest growing cities in the world displays it's past city planning history and future with their new museum, the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition. While Shanghai maybe not the first city people think of for city planning history but for a city that plans to triple their metro lines in eight years, build 12 towns in the suburbs and host a World Expo in 2010, the city is definitely on the cutting edge of planning.

The Exhibition has five floors that detail the ambitious plans of Shanghai's urban planners. Visitors are provided with a glimpse of how Shanghai will look like in a couple of decades. The centerpiece on the third floor is a huge model of the city as it is now.

For an article and video about the Exhibition, click this link.

So what is your opinion? Would you like to see an Urban Planning Museum in your city? And if you did, what exhibits would you like to see?

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