Saturday, January 19, 2008

What $1 Million Buys in Homes Worldwide

"Google Earth Nas, I got flats in different continents" (c) Nas, from the song Success

Home prices across the country and in many parts of the world swelled over the last few years, with coastal cities around the globe seeing unprecedented growth.
We knew that in the U.S., $1 million will no longer buy estate homes and mansions as it did in years past, with smaller coastal cities like Annapolis, Maryland that are selling million dollar rowhouses. However, overseas with the American dollar being weak, $1 million buys less than ever.

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$1M Rowhouse in San Fransico, Califronia

$1M Flat in Paris, France

$1M in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Don said...

If a person has 1 million dollars, I think their best interest would be to buy the land then pay someone to build the house.

But I understand what you mean by the post, too.

Anonymous said...

You'd get 2 of these in Perth Western Australia.
Andrew. The Worst of Perth