Monday, January 28, 2008

Legos now, buildings later

A Denver Post article published on January 26th ran an interesting article about high school students learning about City Planning through Legos.

Except from the article:
To help students understand urban planning's impact, Littleton High School history and civics teacher Cheri Strother grouped civics students into teams of five or more and walked them through a program that involved responding to a request for proposal, or RFP, to redevelop Elmwood, a rundown neighborhood in the fictional city of Yorktown.
Completing the RFP required students to use finance, marketing and planning skills, create models of their plans, deal with conflicting political and social agendas, and present their proposal to the Yorktown City Council, a group of Colorado real estate professionals who volunteered to choose a winning project.

For the entire article, click here.

The program was ran by UrbanPlan, which is a joint venture between the Urban Land Institute and the University of California, Berkley. This program is an excellent way to expose young students about city planning, especially since the larger public at large is often confused on exactly what city planners do.

So what is your opinion, do you believe City Planning should be apart of grade school's curriculum?

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