Sunday, February 3, 2008

The House that Reagan Built...wasn't built in the 'hood

The GOP often cites former President Ronald Reagan as their icon for the Republican party. Reasons cited for this were Reagan's fiscal policies, the reduction of federal government interference and Reagan's ability to reach across the aisle and gain Democratic support. This current idealist image of Ronald Reagan was further advanced by last week's Republican Presidential nomination debate that was held at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library. All of the GOP Presidential hopefuls have a clear affinity for the 40th President of the United States and were even asked if the former President would have endorsed them as President.

The hero worship given to the former President, leaves one to wonder, Do any of the GOP Presidential candidates realize the negative effects the "Reagan Revolution had on American cities? With 80% of the country living in urbanized locales, is it smart for a political party to rally around a man that cut off so many social programs that were in critical need in many of America's inner-cities as well as preside over a time period when drugs, specifically crack cocaine devastated the inner-city with unpredicted levels of crime and addiction.

In fact some have even called Ronald Reagan the first "Hip Hop President" because of the deplorable conditions he left America's inner-cities that Hip Hop rapped about back then in songs such as "The Message" and songs that Hip Hop still raps about today.

What is your opinion of how Ronald Reagan's Presidency affected cities?

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