Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whites to become minority in U.S. by 2050

A Febraury 11, 2008 AP article showed by 2050 Non-Hispanic whites will make up only 47% of the population and the Latino population, who will be responsible for 60 percent of the population growth until 2050, will account for 29% of the population. The Asian population is expected to nearly double and the Black population is expected to remain stable at 13%.

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As America is becoming more urbanized it is also interesting to see if also becoming moee diverse. It will be interesting to see whether population diversity will translate into have diverse viewpoints on space, land uses, density and housing structures. Different cultures have different ideologies on how they utilize space and housing structures. For example a large immigrant population may desire to have housing with multiple bedrooms or may require to live near public transit.

What is your opinion? Do you believe, future immigrant populations coming to American cities will assimilate to current design standards or do you believe they may have an effect in changing development and zoning codes to adapt to their cultural norms?

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