Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Green City...The Masdar Initiative

A British architectural firm is teaming up with other architects and engineers to create the world's first first zero-carbon, zero-waste city in Abu Dhabi. Named Masdar City, which means “the source,” the 1,483-acre project will include commercial and manufacturing space dedicated to developing ecofriendly products, housing, a university, and the headquarters for Future Energy Company. The city which will be run almost entirely by solar electcicity that is denerated on site will be a car-less city with a light rail system that will have driverless 'pods' on magnetic tracks to move people around.

An excerpt from the February 3, 2008 article in the Khaleej Times:
"...Masdar — it means 'source' in Arabic — is one of the mostambitious building projects of the last 20 years, rethinking from scratchthe idea of a city, and putting it at the heart of the environment debate.The concept of how it is laid out, and its prime objective of beingself-sufficient and sustainable, should be transferable anywhere, from Chinato Chorleywood."
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