Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scenes around town - Public Art in Baltimore

Male/Female at Penn Station. Easily the most controversial public art piece in the city. While most people are indifferent to the sculpture, most art critics loathe the piece.

The Visionary Arts Museum. Probably one of the most eclectic museums I have ever been too. This sculpture outside of the museum is just the tip of the iceberg of way more striking and bizarre pieces inside the museum.

Sculpture in Harbor East. This is the center piece of the new emerging waterfront neighborhood and destination Harbor East.

Miracle on 34 Street. I'm sure every city has that one neighborhood that overdoes it during X-Mas time and becomes a public spectacle. What this is that block in our fair city of Baltimore. (Shot taken before massive BG&E energy hikes)

USS Torsk Museum. A real WWII warship docked right outside the National Aquarium.

Our famous art cars. There are like a dozen of these cars around the city.

And what would Baltimore be without honoring our bird, the Oriole. Pronounced oh-REE-oles by the locales in Balamer, Merlin.

...and of course the Crab...those delicious and now horribly over-priced, delicious crabs.


Anonymous said...

Harbor East piece is similar to sculptures adorning Chinese national Highway interchanges, but a tenth the size.

Art-City.org said...

Great photos! We are building a website that promotes public art in Baltimore and would be thrilled if you gave us permission to use the Mosaic Oriole photo on the main section. Here is where the photo will be used Baltimore Public Art. If you do not want it there we can remove it immediately.