Friday, December 21, 2007

Baltimore...A city on the rise?

The Baltimore Sun reports that a recent academic study shows Baltimore City's population is growing and is becoming wealthier and more educated. Here is the December 21st article.

Ranking the metro area The Greater Baltimore Committee's State of the Region report ranks 20 metro areas, including Baltimore, in 105 categories. Here is how the Baltimore area ranked on eight of them, with 1 being the best and 20 the worst:

1. Academic research-and-development spending
2. Percent growth in personal income per person
3. Minority-owned firms as a share of total companies
3. Improvement in the violent-crime rate
4. Median household income
17. Manufacturing job growth
18. Average travel time to work
19. Violent-crime rate

So what is your opinion? Do you think Baltimore City is on the rise? Does this report show a true glimpse of the city of just the further conitunation of the divide between the wealthy and the underclass?

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