Saturday, February 7, 2009

President Barack Obama Avenue

The city of Opa-locak, Floida will become the first city to honor President Barack Obamam b honoring him with his name. I really, really hope that this street does not turn into the new M.L.K. Boulevard.

From the South Florida Times:

"The street, which runs for about three fourths of a mile north to south from Oriental Boulevard to Ali Baba Avenue, includes a mix of residential and commercial properties. Opa-locka’s city hall, public library and administrative municipal complex are all near the avenue."

The street has had a new beginning and our president represents a new beginning for our nation. This will give young people the chance to walk down the street named after the first African-American president. This has a special impact for the city of Opa-locka as we undergo a renaissance along with our nation ushering in Barack Obama.”

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