Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poems about Cities

Here is a link to site that contains over 99 different poems about cities.

Here is my favorite poem off the website so far, entitled Music of the Street by Jennifer Lujanac.

Music Of The Street

Eat-you-alive town.
Nothing here is innocent.
Nothing here is really pure.
There's danger around each corner.
Nothing here is stopping, nothing here is slow.
There's never a moment of silence,
There's never a moment alone.
Horns honking,
People talking,
Vendors yelling,
Children laughing.
The city has a beat,
It pounds into your brain.
There's a rhythm to this city, a shuffle that's contagious.
This city's made of music!
It'll stick in your head and never leave.
It's a fantasy.
A daydream.
It grows on you and makes you want to stay.
You become a part of the music of the street.

It almost sounds like an ad pitch from Don Draper from the TV series Mad Men. What is your favorite poem about cities?


Suite 436 said...

I didn't read all the poems, but this was the first one I liked:


Rain in the city is
Poker chips falling
On a feltless table;
A balloon, burst,
Letting loose its
Sphere upon the

The monstrous
Starting pistol pops
Flash-frying the night
Air, exposing a
Startled city to the
Fury of static that
Bursts irregularly.

Storms in the city are
Fourth of July celebrations;
Cacophonies of sense
Overpower thought.
They are mob scenes,
Chaotic, but more beautiful-

Tyler Howat

Toure Zeigler said...

That was also a good poem