Thursday, July 10, 2008

Urban farming takes root in Detroit

This is pretty shocking, I might not have believed this story if were not for a youtube video a couple of years ago showing farmers and wildlife preserves in the middle of the city of Detroit!

I know things have gotten bad for the U.S. car capital but as a nation how do we allow a major city to fall into rumble like a not so ancient Roman ruin? While I'm glad they are using the land for something more prodcutive, I hope before they create anymore farms, that not one more development is planned on the fringes of the Deroit Metropolitan area and that infill development within city or at leat within it's beltway will be mandatory.

An Excerpt from the article:

...The idea is very simple: turn wasteland into free vegetable gardens and feed the poor people who live nearby.

...Providing free food on the doorstep brings people together and spreads collective wisdom, according to local city hall manager Gail Carr.

"Fresh fruits and vegetables are something that we all need. And we really, really need to educate our children in that area.

"If we don't, we're going to have a lost generation to many diseases such as diabetes," she said."

Click here for the entire BBC article.

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