Friday, November 16, 2007

What Sesame Street taught me about Cities

Sesame street was a children's program that was created in the 1970's showing that was initally aimed for children in the city. The show soon became an international success that revoloutined children's programing. Even after it's international success the show still kept its character showcasing an imaginary street in a New York City neighborhood.

With the show's emphasis on city life, how much or a role did Sesame Street influence children's opinions of cities?

Wide Open Spaces

Sesame Street covers a pastorial setting that gets encroached by sprawl...and then goes hood. So what are they saying about cities?

Life in the Country and the City

This taught kids that city dwellers are cool cats that look like Bob Dylan and skit bebop.

Garden in the City

The hood gets a garden for all the local kids...I wouldnt go there at night though.

Sno-Cones in the City

Kids having fun in the city... They later grew up to be the characters in Do the Right Thing. R.I.P Radio Raheim


Why is everyone so angry?

Dave Chappelle - Sesame Street

Please help Oscar the Grouch


Carls said...

Sesame Street did nothing but show the goodness in the hood.

Just like rap music.

Zig B Free said...

Especially early Sesame Street, although the new "Classic Sesame Street" DVD which was just realesed states that it may not be suitable for children.


"Snuffleupagus is visible only to Big Bird; since 1985, all the characters can see him, as Big Bird's old protestations that he was not hallucinating came to seem a little creepy"