Friday, November 9, 2007

Philadelphia Murals

Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program, which started as the anti-graffiti network in 1984, is the largest mural program in the world.

Which Mural is your favorite?


Zig B Free said...

My favorite is with the kids and the old man blowing smoke. Im not sure why, but it just characterizes the feeling I get in some of Philly's tougher neighborhoods. It's like there is hope but yet still a lot of sorrow.

Carls said...

The one with the old man smoking is the one I like. I've appreciated it for a while. I think my sister is the one who exposed me to it first.

It just captures me when I see it. Especially in person. With all of the surroundings. I think the settings for some of the mural really make some of them "pop."

I recall reading an article on the mural arts program not to long ago which showed another mural which is amoung my favorites. It's off on 7th and chestnut basically. What's amazing about it, is that the mural is on a narrow parking lot. So to stand there and take it in is really engulfing. It's one of the cooler aspects about it.