Thursday, November 15, 2007

Planner Speak

The top Planning Jargon and Corporate Speak words and phrases that some Planners never like to hear again.
If you say real talk, I probably wont trust you (c) Andre 3000

Outside the Box

Creativity. Those that do think outside the box are generally considered rabble-rousers and trouble-makers. While verbally encouraged, your reward for thinking outside the box may be a pink slip party.

A meeting before another meeting in which the company slackers will get together and figure out what to say or present at the next meeting so that they do not make fools of themselves.

Next steps
Next steps are where you go from here and can refer to a project or a process. It is difficult to ever complete these steps due to the number of meetings scheduled to determine what the next steps are.

This is a misunderstanding. Probably due to everyone working toward the same goal...thiers. Why work for the goals of others when you know everyone else's goals are stupid.

Out of the Loop
This phrase means that one has not been informed about a subject. It is used to deny responsibility or to complain about not having been consulted.

This term refers to a group of people that work together. The team is strongest when composed of "Yes" men and women.

Fast Track
Means you have had to me meetings about the project and actually have to start working now.

Features of a product that should have been included in the original release, however, due to market pressure the product had to be released without these features. These may be sent to customers if/when they are available.

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Carls said...

how sad is it that I think most of this applies to WORKING period.