Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 Tips on How to become a Planning Board Commissioner

a.k.a how to work for the dark side. I kid, I kid. Their graphics are great.

The statue was really built by a thankful developer

Tip #1
Controversial Issues: A Natural Part of Planning

Stereotypes anyone? That's racist! j/k

Tip #2
Show Respect to All

The planner is really thinking that these people are batsh*t crazy

*Uses Jazz Hands* Say it with me people, Monorail!

All my constituents tweet and friend me on Facebook now. Newspapers. Pff...Loser

Yeah, try to hand out an info flyer at a mall. People will treat you like you have the swine flu. Even I will think your a loser for taking the flyer.

Unfortunately the crowd went all "Town Hall" on him and demanded their community back. 'twas sad.

Tip #7

Uh-huh, Uh-Huh...I didn't understand a word you said sir, I'm just nodding and scribbling, nodding and scribbling.

Why Timmy, this makes no sense at all...there's a factory right next to a house. You know factories aren't allowed in this zone. What were you thinking Timmy?

Tip #10
Planning Is Not Just for Adults

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