Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Detroit Graffiti

This editorial and photos was taken by Dylan Reid from the Spacing Toronto Blog. It's amazing how many abandoned high-rises Detroit has. In the first picture below you can see trees growing on the roof tops.


"Detroit must be some kind of graffiti artist heaven — there are almost endless amounts of deserted, empty walls across the city in neglected streets and abandoned factories and buildings, and a City government that must have much bigger priorities for its limited resources.

...Detroit has one thing other cities don’t have — entire high-rise buildings that are deserted — and it has developed to a high art a form of graffiti that uses the windows of buildings."

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Anonymous said...

I admire graffiti but am about an hour outside Detroit. My city is sponsoring a display of public art and I'd love to add a graffiti wall to the mix. My building is nearly 70 feet long and seen by thousands of people daily. Anyone interested in the project? Contact me at