Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DC Graffiti in Adams Morgan

From Robert Gandy of the Baltimore Examiner:

"When asked about what "urban art" meant to them, people on a hot summer's street in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC gave a breadth of answers showing a range of ideas. In typical DC fashion, those that did not outright ignore the question shouted answers as they hustled past. "Graffiti, I guess" said the woman with a bundle of sunflowers. "Outside," grunted a DCPD beat cop. "Too thick a question," said a woman in a light blue dress. Ryan Feurtardo said it "is fantastic art. Can be real creative." Jon Kenney and Caroline Leoni said it was "free expression. Do-it-yourself" art. Leoni added, "It's mixed media," and pointed to political graffiti in an adjacent alley.

I think DC has better graffiti and Urban Art pieces then the ones below that were taken from the article. It's a little boring. To be honest though I can't remember seeing any great tag pieces anywhere in the Distinct. Have any of you seen any great graffiti tags in D.C.?

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Urban Revival Media said...

Hello BC;
I beg to differ with you on your comment regarding DC graffitti. I've lived in DC for 25 years now. Before that I was in NY and Balto. DC has some very NY inspired tags from an ample amount of talented artists. There's too many to name. But, if you take the red line metro from Brooklyn Station to Soilver Spring, you'll see plenty along the tracks, many of which are NY caliber. We've got plenty of talented muralists and artists in this town with diverse backgrounds, so we don't have to feel artistically inferior to Balto, or even NY as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks for asking though